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is a professional company specializing in R&D,production,selling and installation of warehouse racks and related equipments.Our company has great strength and reputation with advanced production equipments, production technology and perfect after-sales service,in order to meet all kinds of customers’ demands .....

Seven solution steps Cooperation Process
  • 01 Free consultation
  • 02 Site
  • 03 Drawing design
  • 04 Product quotation
  • 05 Order production
  • 06 Packaging and shipment
  • 07 On-site installation
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Heavy duty rack
Light duty rack
Cantilever rack
Mould rack
Mezzanine rack
Steel structure platform
Drive in rack
Wire mesh container (Standard)
Heavy duty rack (Wood plate)
Four characteristicsgood quality and be your space development master
  • Real ThingAdopt cold rolled steel, with full material, bearing more strong, more durable.Material has thickness, quality has depth.National standard, refuse to cut corners
  • Utility DesignAssembled structure, easy to install, column beam jack structure design, engineering structure is stable.Tailored for you practical storage shelves
  • Exquisite TechnicalAfter six processes, surface degreasing / descaling / surface adjustment / phosphating / spraying / baking environmentally friendly spray, no paint, no rust, beautiful appearance
  • Bang For The BuckPassed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. Ensuring environmental safety, saving resources, reducing pollution and improving the environment

To solve your storage challenges and create endless inventory in a limited space

Strong strength, rich experience

15 years rack manufacturing experience, the choice of 1000 major customers

Professional service provider of one-stop shelf storage solution, plant area of 6000㎡; 15 years of focus on the development and production of non-standard warehousing products, to achieve large space warehousing masters in small space; we have reached cooperation with many domestic customers, this Many of them are well-known companies such as Foxconn and BBK. Consult

15 years custom storage rack manufacturers


Factory covers an area
of 6000㎡


The choice of 1000 major customers

Professional team, free design

Save time, worry and space for your practical functions

Professional team one-on-one tailor-made for you, on-site survey warehouse, on-site measurement size According to demand, provide overall layout design, shelf placement and other light, medium and heavy duty rack solutions; Make space available for rational use Warehouse management, increasing storage rate by 2 times. Consult

Design team with 30 people


More than 100 distributors in many places


The cycle is about 15% shorter than the peer

Factory direct sales, quality assurance

20 multiple quality inspection layers control

Through MTS China certification, it has verified the advanced nature and high stability of materials and process fields; At each stage of production, there are special personnel to check the quality and optimize the handling of each detail; For Foxconn, Midea, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi TCL and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad provide shelf customization. Consult

20 multiple quality inspection


5-year warranty


20 years of service life

Advanced equipment, outstanding technology

Perfect equipment, cast extraordinary strength

Advanced profile rolling, shelf processing, pickling phosphating, baking finish, surface spray production line; introduction of advanced shelf forging automation equipment, and mature series of storage rack manufacturing lines; multiple automatic rack continuous punching production lines, Large open laser cutting equipment. Consult

15 years storage rack custom manufacturers


Factory covers an area of 6000㎡


The choice of 1000 major customers


The source controls the cost and directly benefits the consumer.

Long-term cooperation with large steel mills to supply raw materials, control costs from the source, directly benefit consumers; the products sold are sufficient, refuse to cut corners, honesty, refuse to deceive and believe in untrustworthy behavior; concentrate on product quality and service, refuse to rebate from commission Seek interest in the middle. Consult

20 multiple quality inspection


5-year warranty


20 years of service life

Quality after-sales service system

Respond to customer requirements within 24 hours to ensure zero risk in the use process

5 years quality guarantee service,within the warranty period due to the quality of the product itself, commitment to free maintenance or replacement; Provide goods distribution, rack installation services, within 1 to 15 working days for customers to deliver satisfactory products; 24 hours online customer service answer, fast, intimate, timely after-sales service, let you worry. Consult

360° caring service


1-15 workdays to delivery


24 hours to solve problems for customers

Production workshop Xinmiao Storage Production workshop
Case show Xinmiao Storage Case show
Packaging Materials Company -Mezzanine rack

Packaging Materials Company -Mezzanine rack

Shelf type:Mezzanine floor
Shelf characteristics: The intermediate loft is basically built on the original warehouse to increase the storage space. It can be used as two or more layers to improve the utilization of the warehouse. Applicable to: warehouses with high storage cost, such as printing and packaging……

Textile company- heavy duty pallet racking

Shelf type:Heavy duty pallet racking
Shelf features: 1. The column is formed by 22 rolls, the beam is formed by 24 rolls, the profile is beautiful and the bearing capacity is strong; 2. The plug-in assembled structure is safe and stable, easy to operate, fast to install……

Mechanical Parts Company - Medium duty rack

Mechanical Parts Company - Medium duty rack

Shelf type:Medium duty rack
Shelf features: 1. The column beam is rolled by 22 rolls, and the column piece is connected by horizontal oblique bolts. The profile is beautiful and the bearing capacity is strong. 2. The plug-in assembled structure is safe and stable, easy to operate, quick to install……

Electronics company -Open-type Mold Rack

Shelf type:Mould Rack
Shelf features 1. Safe and reliable additional safety device; 2. Lightweight bearing assembly, sliding balance and independent hanging die device 3. Save space, cover an area of 1.8 square meters, can store dozens of small and medium-sized molds; 4 Simple structure……

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